On the surface, photographers seem to have an easy job. They show up with a nice camera, click the shutter button a couple times and bam, they want you to fork over what seems like a crazy amount of cash for what they just did. So how come it costs a bizarre amount to have your pictures done? Where does the money go? Is the photographer ripping you off? From a photographer's standpoint, I'm here to explain to you just what goes into a picture. From our perspective, the numbers that we are throwing at you are completely logical, and here is why.

We work more than you think -- You think it only takes a half hour to shoot a family session, so you should only pay for a half hour of work. Sure, you may only see us work for a select amount of time, but that is the tip of the ice berg. After shooting, we have to edit, which can easily take two to three times longer than the shoot. Added to that, we probably spent more time preparing for the shoot, by scouting a location, setting up a shot list, and consulting with you to figure out exactly what you wanted. So yes, we 'click the button' for a half an hour, but we work our tails off before and after that to get the images right.

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