Tuesday, 22 December 2015 20:34

Fish food for thought

New research affects catch limits

PORTLAND What happens when a fisherman tosses a fish back overboard?

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ORONO Builders of everything from cruise ships and ports to oil rigs offshore wind turbines are tasked with the same question will their work will be strong enough to stand up to the sea?

A miniature indoor ocean at the University of Maine could make for a lot less guessing.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015 18:59

Gouda news: Maine's artisanal cheese boom

PORTLAND Heather and Doug Donahue left careers in teaching and construction behind to follow a dream of opening a dairy farm and cheese-making business in the rolling fields of Maine.

The Donahues, who have run Balfour Farm in Pittsfield for four years, have that dream in common with dozens of small business owners in the suddenly cheese-crazy state. Maine has established itself as the state with the fastest-growing artisanal cheese industry in the country, and state agriculture officials said it's not slowing down.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 21:04

Swipe a code, meet your fisherman

PORTLAND - After eyeing a piece of haddock on the supermarket counter, a customer scans a code and finds out the fish was caught in the waters of Georges Bank and learns the name of the fishing boat and maybe even sees a picture of the smiling, rain-slickened fisherman who reeled it in. Welcome to the future of buying New England seafood.

A group of scientists and fishermen said the technology isn't about a gimmick so much as survival. They're working on a new tool they say will allow consumers to learn the backstory of a piece of fish while standing in the supermarket aisle with their smartphone.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 17:07

Bear bait vote sparks interest around US

WILTON, Maine In Maine, a hunter can shoot a bear while it's nose-deep in a barrel of doughnuts, after it's been chased up a tree with dogs, or when it's snared in a cable trap but that could change in days, and hunters and animal rights advocates around the country are watching.

Bears are hunted in 32 states but Maine has the most permissive rules. It is the only one that allows hunters to use three methods bait, dogs and traps decried by animal rights groups and targeted by a Nov. 4 ballot proposal that would ban them all.

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PORTLAND, Maine Sportsmen hoping to bag a big moose are seeing increased competition from a tiny parasite that's cutting down moose populations in New England and across parts of the northern United States, prompting some states to offer hunters fewer permits or halt hunting altogether.

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are all issuing fewer moose hunting permits this year, citing the impact of winter ticks on their moose populations. In Minnesota, where ticks are among several factors that have cut the population by more than half in less than a decade, there will be no moose hunting season at all.

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