Wednesday, 19 September 2012 13:28

Youth sports: parent education

I'm lucky to live in a community that fosters kids' athletics. When it comes to fall sports, kids in Bucksport area schools are spoiled for choice. Last Saturday, when I brought my daughter to youth soccer, I arrived to a smorgasbord of activities: a high school cross country track meet, an elementary boys' football game and elementary boys' and girls' soccer scrimmages. Every track, field and nature trail that was available saw play.

This Saturday was no different. Kids climbed out of minivans with shin guards or shoulder pads, water bottles and cleats. They swarmed the fields like little Olympians. Parents lined the perimeter, some in lawn chairs, others leaning over the fence with purpose, but all were rallied around their kids. As a teacher whose interaction with parents is limited to yearly open house visits, to see this outpouring of parental support just knocks me back.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 15:34

Apples and apples

Everyone tells you not to compare your children to other children. Like that ever stopped anyone. We all do it. We want our kids to be geniuses and basically fly out of the womb walking and talking so we can show everyone what wonderful parents we are.

And the internet has brought all of this to a new level of obsession. Now, instead of just comparing your offspring to your neighbor or the other moms at the preschool, you get to pit your kid against the entire world. Holy crap.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 15:27

How to combat suburban sprawl

Have you ever heard your mother's voice come out of your mouth? Have you ever told your child something you were told as a child? I don't know what is more shocking: The fact that I have or the fact that her words have actually come true.

Let me explain. In our adult lives, there are several moments where we realize we've entered the big leagues: our first job, first house, first child. But realizing you're an adult isn't necessarily confined to first times. Discovering you've finally grown up can happen during last times as well. 'This is the last time I drink that much, the last time I lie to someone, the last time I wear pleather in public.'

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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 12:28

Wild moms of multiples

Having multiples is a phenomenon. It imbues one with rock-star status, at least in parenting circles. We have a strange insight into what it must be like to be a minor celebrity and have random people ask you the same questions over and over again.

And because this is an experience shared by many moms with twins, triplets and more, I put the questions to my local Parents of Multiples (on Facebook, because I don't go places).

What's annoying? What's nice? Funny story. Obnoxious story.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 13:46

The Entertainer

Becoming Mom the rock star (aka Mom the Clown) 

I learned fairly early on that I never really wanted to be famous. Not really famous anyway. Not thousands of screaming fans shouting at me, sending me weird stuff in the mail, or stopping me on the street. And no, the small, mostly social notoriety that comes from writing for this lovely publication doesn't count (If it wasn't for the marvels of Facebook, many people probably wouldn't be able to pick me out of a lineup).

But I'm a rock star now. And a stand up comic. But mostly, I'm a clown.

Believe me, I'm a little surprised myself. I didn't even notice at first. Because you tend to roll with the punches, you don't pay attention to the little things. It was called to my attention when I was singing one of my girls a lullaby. As we finish the last feed, I bring them up and they each get their own song or if we have help, all three get one at the same time. She had her eyes glued on my face, a huge grin, and she reached out to grab my thumbs. That's when my husband pointed out that she was behaving like a star-struck fan being singled out by the lead singer of her favorite band.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 12:30

Watch your mouth

Making sure my kids' first words aren't spelled like '$#&^!'

I'm not a party animal. I do partake of the occasional beer with dinner, but I don't smoke, don't go clubbing - heck, I hardly ever get out except to hit the office or meet with someone for work. Case in point, I am having a party this weekend to make baby food. Yep. Wild.

But I do have vices. I swear as in cuss. Not just a little. A lot. I love swearing. I enjoying cursing like some people enjoy chocolate. And once I get started it's difficult to stop, and who would want to?

Until I tucked my six-month-old son and said, 'I love you.'

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