Thursday, 18 July 2013 09:53

Help that helps

When someone you know is having a baby (or two or three)

It may be coincidence, but it seems when one friend gets pregnant, the delicate condition spreads like wildfire. Suddenly half the women I know or just come in contact with are having a baby (or babies).

This of course makes me oddly nostalgic about the time when my kids were babies. Yes, they will always be my babies, but I've acknowledged the fact that they are toddlers now (a.k.a. that horrible in between phase). 

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Thursday, 11 July 2013 10:51

Less than you think

Good parenting is a weird concept. It implies that there is a definitive right way and wrong way to do things, the unspoken idea being that if your kids are acting in a certain socially unacceptable way, you are somehow to blame for it.

One of the best parts of being a mom of three kids at the same time is knowing that the above is complete and utter BS. Now, I'm not saying you can go home and be a jerk to your kids with no repercussions, but the notion that a parent's actions dictate how a child is going to act in any given situation isn't realistic.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013 14:35

Love/hate relationships

When a kid doesn't like peas or Brussels sprouts, no one is particularly surprised - there are many adults who dislike those strange mini-cabbages. But being able to forecast what a child will like or dislike is a skill on par with the predictive powers of Nostradamus. You just never know.

For instance, when we had that recent streak of hot weather, I thought it would be the perfect time to share popsicles with the kiddos. Who doesn't love a nice, cool, delicious treat on a hot, sunny day? 

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There are some weird songs about rain. For instance:

It's raining/ It's pouring/ The old man is snoring/ He bumped his head upon his bed/ And he couldn't get up in the morning.

I mean, is he OK? Is he brain damaged? Has that old man become a vegetable for the rest of his life because of bad weather? This is pretty much my thought process on days when I can't get the kids outside of the house to burn off some steam. Because on days when it's raining (i.e. every day last week), the kids punish me - they have no one else to take their frustrations on. And likewise, I have no one else to take out my frustrations on. So I simply go nuts.

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 15:39

Motherly instinct or enhanced paranoia?

The difference between going with your gut and being an oversensitive helicopter mom is a fine, fine line. Almost impossible to see, even to the mom herself.

I learned recently that both of my girls get car sick. Which sucks. A lot. Driving, an activity that previously both zonked the kids out and de-stressed Mom, has turned into a whole lot of misery and company for misery.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 15:32

Meeting friends

I remember thinking how difficult it was to meet new friends after graduating from college. When I first moved to the state from 'away,' I basically knew my husband and his family. That was pretty awesome, because they're great people, but it didn't take me long to realize I kind of missed knowing people outside of work.

There's only so much griping about the job that one can stand before it gets old. It was three years before I met one of my very best friends, which brings me to my point: it was that hard before I had kids.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 14:31

Paternity pains Someone Could Get Hurt'

Parenthood memoir offers plenty of laughs

We all have writers whose work we enjoy. Whether they are novelists, biographers, historians or bloggers, everyone who reads has writers who resonate with them for whatever reason. And if one of your favorites writes something new, you check it out even if the subject matter isn't necessarily what you would expect.

My familiarity with Drew Magary springs primarily from his columns on the sports blog Deadspin and to a lesser extent his work as a correspondent for GQ. One of Magary's regular Deadspin features is a segment he calls 'Dadspin,' in which he relates the trials and tribulations of parenthood in his own wildly funny and impeccably profane voice. 

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Wednesday, 01 May 2013 12:35

Sleeping in

Anyone who has had kids knows you are basically trading in late mornings for the proper care and raising of the future of humanity. It's not a bad trade-off in the long run, but it may seem like a steep price, especially at 6 a.m. on a Saturday after you stayed up a little too late watching 'The Hobbit' the night before (yes, I'm still catching up on movies that debuted in 2012).

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 15:48

Going places

I admit it, I have singleton envy. Whenever I see some mom bopping down the road with a baby in a sling or one of those hands-free carriers, I feel a stab of white-hot envy. She's being a good mom by taking her little one out into the world to learn and explore.

I usually see sights like this when I'm out by myself buying more groceries than I could scarcely imagine two years ago. A little human toddling between the hands of two happy parents as they shop for groceries. Two kids of various ages steering their racecar shopping cart powered by mom. 

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 15:46

Playing Mom

I'm going to admit something that I'm sure not many people would admit, publicly anyway. It's a truth that flies in the face of popular parenting lore, but a truth nonetheless: It's hard to play with your kids. I know, I know. No one should say this, especially not mothers who want to be seen as one woman theme parks. My theme park would be named 'Crazy Mom Land.' There would be lots of bumper cars, batting cages and log flume rides with kids snacking on a bottomless supply of homemade chocolate chip banana bread, but I digress. Parents are supposed to love building sandcastles near doggie droppings. We're supposed to smile while whipping up batches of mud pies as our kids hold worms and say, 'Look at him wiggle!' We're supposed to enjoy play time.

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