It’s important to own your mistakes.

As someone who has been writing about movies professionally for well over a decade, I’ve had my share of bad takes. Whether it was early praise of a film that failed to hold up upon closer inspection or condemnation of a movie that ultimately proved its excellence, I’ve got some misses on my resume.

That carries over to the Oscars as well. This year marked the 14th time that I’ve predicted the outcomes of Hollywood’s biggest night. As with everything else, I’ve had my ups and downs when it comes to making these picks. Some years are better than others, but every time out, I whiff on plenty of choices.

This year was no different. And so, in the spirit of accountability, I’m going to discuss some of the predictions where I went awry. Any pundit can bask in the praise that comes with being right, but precious few will take the time to own the moments where they were wrong.

This week, I’m here to own those moments.

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Better late than never.

It feels weird to be writing an Academy Awards preview in April instead of February, but thanks to the pandemic, that’s where we are. 2020 was also a weird year for movies in general, what with the extended closure of movie theaters and the general lack of enthusiasm by Hollywood for releasing their big-ticket offerings.

Still, the Academy pushed back the Oscars by a couple of months and expanded the eligibility window for films, both in terms of timeline and of distribution. It only makes sense that after a year unlike any other, we would wind up with an Oscars unlike any other.

And as always, I’m here to offer up my thoughts.

This is the 93rd edition of Hollywood’s favorite awards show. It’s also the 14th time I’ve offered up my Oscars predictions, if you can believe that. You might think that after 14 years, I know what I’m doing. And maybe I do … to an extent. I’ve gotten pretty good at sussing out who is going to win. But the real joy of these awards is that there are always going to be some surprises. You just never know, and in a strange year like this one, who can say what will happen?

Here are my picks. I’ve gone in-depth on the big-ticket categories and included winners for all the others. And as always, the disclaimer: these are my predictions as to who WILL win, as opposed to my feelings about who SHOULD win. There will always be a degree of disconnect, though perhaps a touch less than in previous years.

Let’s hit the red carpet.

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