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Kibbles and Picks 2021 – Week 1

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite man-versus-dog NFL picks feature is back!

For the ninth(!) year, The Maine Edge presents Kibbles and Picks, wherein I pick the winners of each week’s slate of NFL games in direct competition with my dog Stella. And for those keeping track of such things, Stella has outpicked me in six of those previous eight seasons.

Yep – out of eight attempts, I’ve outperformed my dog exactly twice. And both of those were close.

But hey – hope springs eternal or whatever. Maybe I’m steadfast or maybe just a glutton for punishment, but either way, I’m back to try again. So is Stella, though she’s less in her head about it than I am. She’s fully prepared to defeat me yet again – just because she is adorable and loves me doesn’t mean she’s going to take it easy on me.

It’s on. Wish me luck.

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Five months ago, 32 NFL teams set out on what would be one of the strangest seasons in the history of the sport. Playing games in the face of an ongoing pandemic, the league weathered some unique challenges. Should they have played? Depends on who you ask. But play they did.

Now, after all that, just two teams remain.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off on February 7 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. It’s a historic matchup for a number of reasons – you’ve got the returning champion Chiefs looking to go back-to-back, while the Buccaneers become the first team to ever play a Super Bowl on their home field. Oh, and there’s this Brady guy who is about to quarterback in his record 10th title game.

There’s a lot happening here, is what I’m saying.

Let’s take a stroll through the teams and break down some of the positional matchups to get a sense of which squad stands superior. Of course, the most talented team doesn’t always win. The most prepared team doesn’t always win. The team we think will win doesn’t always win.

You get the picture. Anyone who tells you they KNOW what will happen is a charlatan who is almost certainly trying to sell you something. No one knows how this will all play out, but here’s my best guess – the best guess of a guy who, in the interest of full disclosure, got absolutely housed by his dog in picking winners this season (though my postseason run was solid).

Let’s break it down.

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Well – isn’t this something?

I find myself in a rare position – well, rare for me, anyway. After the events of the divisional round, I now sit a perfect 10-0 for the playoffs thus far, having accurately predicted the victor in every single playoff contest. Stella, for her part, was 2-2 this weekend, putting her at 5-5 overall.

It’s over. I’ve won, even with the conference championships and the Super Bowl to come. And yet we press on, each with our reasons for continuing – perfection for me, principle for her.

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And we’re back in print!

For those unfamiliar with this feature, Kibbles and Picks is a web feature that we’ve been doing here at the Edge for the past eight years. Every year, I pick the winners of the entire season-long slate of NFL games. My dog Stella also picks the winners of these games.

She is better at it than I am.

This past season marked Stella’s sixth regular season victory out of the eight. My lone victories were in Year Two and last season, but to be clear, this isn’t because I am bad at picking games – I’m probably average or slightly above – but rather it is because Stella (who I remind you again is a dog) is actively good at it. Her season record of 167-88-1 gives her a success rate of over 65%. My 162-93-1 landed me at just over 63% - still good, just not good enough.

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And that’s that.

It was a moonshot anyway – I had to be correct on all seven of the games on which we differed to come out on top – but at least there was a chance. Alas, despite an excellent 13-3 record on the week, I was able to carve away just a single game from Stella’s lead, thanks to her own also-excellent record of 12-4. Thus, by a margin of five games, Stella is the 2020 Kibbles and Picks champion.

I did what I could – a blazing 46-18 in the final month – but it just wasn’t enough, leaving me to once more bow to the superior football picking acumen of my dog. For the sixth time in eight years, I tip my cap to Stella.


Week 17 record: 13-3

Season record: 162-93-1


Week 17 record: 12-4

Season record: 167-88-1

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Wednesday, 30 December 2020 21:19

Kibbles and Picks 2020 – Week 17

And here we are. One week left.

I managed to chip away a little more at Stella’s lead, but only a little. Our respective weeks matched our Week 15 output, meaning that I put up a strong 11-5 and Stella managed a just-slightly-less-strong 10-6. The result? I’ve reduced her lead to a not-quite totally insurmountable six games going into the season’s final week.

This means that the possibility of my overtaking her is still on the table, albeit highly unlikely. We differ on seven games; basically, if I get every one of them right, I eke out the win by a single game. However, if she is right on even one game, she locks in her victory.

I think we all know how this is going to wind up.

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Thursday, 24 December 2020 13:29

Kibbles and Picks 2020 - Week 16

Time is running out.

Yes, I gained another game on Stella this week, putting up an 11-5 record against her 10-6; both of us would have had even more impressive weeks had the Jets and Bengals not managed unlikely wins. Still, one game a week is not going to cut it. Stella’s lead is still seven games, and I’ve got just this week and next to catch up.

It’s looking grim … but not impossible.

Heck, we’re at odds on seven games this week. If I could somehow sweep the lot, we’re in a flat-footed tie going into the regular season’s last week. That’s unlikely, obviously, but I could maybe swing five, which would give me at least a puncher’s chance come Week 17. If Stella holds serve or – God forbid – outpicks me, that’s probably a wrap, with me likely having to take some ludicrous swings in the last week to even have a shot.

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Thursday, 17 December 2020 16:19

Kibbles and Picks 2020 - Week 15

Man – I needed that.

Thanks to an 11-5 run last week, I have cut three games from Stella’s lead; she managed to go just 8-8 for the week. That’s a big chunk and I’m happy to have it, but it does mean that I’m still eight games behind her with just three weeks (counting this one) left in the season. Basically, I have to do what I just did thrice more – if I do that, I squeak out the win.

As you might guess, I’m not exactly brimming over with confidence.

We’re looking at six games this week, although a couple of them feel like reaches – frankly, I have to start throwing some darts if I’m going to have any chance of catching up. The accuracy of those darts remains to be seen, of course. Stella certainly isn’t worrying about it.

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Thursday, 10 December 2020 14:50

Kibbles and Picks 2020 – Week 14

Putting up a solid week feels good. My 10-5 mark in Week 13 wasn’t spectacular, but it was pretty darned good. It almost makes me feel like I know what I’m doing.

And then Stella goes 11-4 and I remember the truth.

Yep – despite my quality performance, I actually lost another game to Stella, meaning that her lead now stands at 11 games with four weeks left in the regular season. Time is running out for me to make any kind of headway, whereas Stella is holding true to her promise to utterly (and adorably) annihilate me this year.

That said, we do differ on seven of the week’s contests, so it’s possible for me to make a pretty big dent in that lead. Slightly more likely is Stella running up the score. Most probably, one or the other of us will budge a game or two and that’ll be that – but a game or two isn’t going to get it done for me. I have to hope for a big move.

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Saturday, 05 December 2020 18:51

Kibbles and Picks 2020 - Week 13

It was only a matter of time.

I had spent the last few weeks slowly whittling down Stella’s lead, getting it down to a seemingly manageable six games. That’s all out the window now, because while I put forward a half-decent 9-7 record, she absolutely went off, with a 13-3 record in Week 12.

That’s right, she missed three games, two by a mere field goal. That puts her lead back into double digits - and I’ve only got four weeks left to right the ship.

It’s not looking great. Particularly because we’re only at odds on five contests this week. I even looked to see if there were any contrarian picks that I could swing, but this is the best I can do. If I get them all, I cut her lead in half. If she gets them all, I’m pretty much done for. And if we wind up somewhere in the middle? We’ll have to wait and see.

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