Monday, 30 December 2013 23:19

Testing your resolve

There are jokes about New Year's resolutions. How quickly they fade, how silly we are to make them, and all that. But there is a reason for wanting a fresh start a chance to say, I can make myself a better person. The first of the year is a great mental jumping off point a blank page and a new date to write on your checks (people still write checks, right? I mean every once in a while).

So here are some gentle ways of remaking yourself this New Year. Because, like you, I haven't won every resolution battle I've started but I still think there is great worth in trying. So here are some ideas, a little off the beaten path physical mental fiscal and spiritual are all things that we can maybe try to be resolute about.  I felt that breaking them into those categories made sense. They overlap in many ways, so don't feel like something is out of bounds just because you can't fit it in the box.

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