2013 ushered in a series of big changes to social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter and other networking platforms have made major adjustments to their content promotion guidelines more specifically, they've redefined how users can see and share content and opened new advertising opportunities for better promotion. Whether for good or for bad, these updates will have marketers scrambling for new strategies to keep up a solid impact. 

The concept of paid advertising on social media isn't groundbreaking, but it's really taken off in recent months. Facebook introduced its Promoted Posts feature last year, which lets users drastically boost the visibility of their posts for a small fee. Similarly, Google encourages +Posts, regular posts that can be run as display ads on any of Google's 2 million Display Network sites (essentially giving advertisers access to the entire Google web as their own branded stream). And after going public in November, Twitter now also needs to find a way to keep investors happy. Thus, select users can sponsor 'promoted tweets' including videos and photos that show up in user feeds, trending topics and 'Who to follow' boxes. 

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