BANGOR - A group of New England School of Communications (NESCom) students are preserving history for generations to come.

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BANGOR - Educators wear a number of different hats these days - teacher, mentor, advisor and counselor. One professor at the New England School of Communications in Bangor can also add role model to that list. Todd Eastman spent the past several years working on the documentary 'Mayan Blue,' a film about an underwater city in Guatemala. 

"It was written up in an article in a diving magazine and just forgotten about. So we met with the guy that discovered it and it just kind of took off from there," said Eastman.

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Wednesday, 03 April 2013 10:35

A decade of rocking for a good cause

BANGOR This year's AS4MS, which is shorthand for the Acoustic Showcase to Benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, will be held at the Gracie Theatre on April 5 at 8 p.m. This year's talent includes The Other Bones, The Box Tiger, Beach the Whale and Dustin Saucier.

But this show, which taps not only the deep musical talent that is in Maine and New England, but the technical skills of the Students at the New England School of Communication (NESCom).


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BANGOR - Making it to the tourneys at the Bangor Auditorium is a huge victory in and of itself for most of the state's high school basketball players. However, this year it wasn't just the players who were making memories on the hardwood. Those behind the scenes also made history when they helped broadcast the last games to ever take place inside the 'Mecca,' which is being replaced by the new Cross Insurance Center next year.

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BANGOR - Spring break is months away, but that didn't stop a small group of New England School of Communications seniors from boarding a cruise ship last month and rubbing elbows with some of country music's biggest stars.

"It was the Blake Shelton cruise, and it was a big event," said Eric Ferguson, interim director of audio engineering and live sound at the Bangor school. "Some of the kids [that went] had never been on an airplane before, and others had never left Maine before."

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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 11:27

30 Never Looked so Good

NESCom marks three decades of excellence

(Editor's note: A lot of the background and history of NESCom in this article was provided courtesy of the booklet 'A Review 1981-2007' created by NESCom Founder George Wildey)

BANGOR - The New England School of Communications, located on the campus of Husson University in Bangor, has been producing some of the most talented employees in the communication business for 30 years now. Aron Gaudet, a 1996 graduate and creator of the Maine troop greeters documentary 'The Way We Get By,' and Bret Johnson, a 2005 graduate and recent Academy Award winner for his contributions to the Martin Scorsese film 'Hugo,' are just two of the school's amazing stand-outs. These talented individuals, along with countless other students, got to where they are today thanks to the vision of one New York native with years of experience that he wanted to share with others.

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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 13:50

Music saves kids with cancer at EMMC

How one student organization is making a difference

BANGOR - Rock out at Curva Ultra Lounge Friday, April 06, 2012. The Husson/NESCom chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is hosting the second annual Music Saved Me Benefit Show - featuring five Maine-based bands, including Paranoid Social Club, When Particles Collide, Mines of Paris, One Shot Nothing and The Transducers. Z 107.3's Paul Wolfe hosts the show.

'It's going to be a blast,' said Conor Sweeney, who is involved in publicity for the event. He's hoping to reach out beyond the Husson Campus and have the public from the greater Bangor area attend to help raise money. 'The goal was to mainstream it and make sure the community knows about it.'

Proceeds raised from Music Saved Me will benefit pediatric oncology at Eastern Maine Medical Center. Leukemia survivor Erin Falwell is helping organize Music Saved Me for its second year, as it has become an annual event for PRSSA. Music Saved Me will help EMMC's patients through arts and entertainment.

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BANGOR - While most people will be avoiding black cats, walking under ladders or stepping on cracks on Friday the 13th of April, the Husson University student run theater group will be engrossing itself in superstition as it prepares for its three-day performance of 'Dracula' at the Gracie Theatre on campus.

The play is being director by senior Christine White.

"One of my biggest things going into this performance is knowing that people know the character Dracula, but they don't know the context at all," explained White. "This is a great opportunity to get a little of the back story out there."

The theater group, which is made up of students from both Husson University and The New England School of Communications, has been rehearsing its lines for this blood-sucking vampire classic since January.

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BANGOR - New England School of Communications Junior Kiera Plante has been working hard this semester, and now her efforts are about to pay off. Plante's graphic design II class was tasked with creating posters for an upcoming short film Acadia Hospital put together, along with the help of Project Aware, about teen depression and anxiety. The film, entitled 'The Road Back,' is slated to be shown at Husson's Gracie Theatre next month. Last week, Plante was informed in front of her classmates and friends that her poster's depiction of the film will be the design Acadia uses to help promote the film.

"I wasn't expecting to win or even get my hopes up because we had done rough drafts and critiques in class, and they were all really well done," explained Plante.

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