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The King and I

A saga of moving


When I worked at Gamestop, I had a few lucky coworkers who managed to snag tickets to PAX East. If you're not familiar with PAX (or the Penny Arcade Expo, to give it its full name), it's basically a celebration of all things gaming and geekery. Now, being the poor sap (both figuratively and literally) that I was, I couldn't make it that year, but my comrades promised to bring me back a bit of the convention.

I honestly didn't really think much of it until my buddy Ryan came back with a small box and big smile on his bebearded face, handing it to me like an invitation to Hogwarts. I opened it up to find a fantastic little figurine of the King from Castle Crashers. Being a huge, huge Behemoth fan, this was a perfect gift. He immediately took his rightful place at the top of my desk at home, watching over his desk kingdom like the benevolent, if not insane, monarch he was.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 12:45

Perils of Moving

Here's an iconic image: the Simpson family seated at the kitchen table. It is morning. A quiet, peaceful morning. Just when you think the scene couldn't be any more placid, it happens Homer's hand inexplicably is jammed in the toaster. What follows is a hilarious struggle as Homer attempts to free his hand. At last, he is free. With a sigh of relief, he collapses against the refrigerator. The relief is short-lived when they discover, 'It's in there again!'

What does this have to do with anything, you might ask? Besides a comical piece of nostalgia for Generation Xers and retro flair for Generation Yers, it's a great metaphor for the absurdity of moving, I think. Certainly my experience has been such.

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Maine Jewelry and Art to occupy space that allows for workshops

BANGOR Having a place to display the unique and exquisite pieces of handcrafted jewelry, pottery and accessories has been great for the owners and consigners at Maine Jewelry and Art, but something was missing. 

Amanda Coburn explained that she and her fellow owners have always enjoyed teaching people their crafts, but they are often working out of their own, smaller workspaces in their homes. In Coburn's case, her workshop is situated in her garage, which can be a little cold in the winter.

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