Thursday, 26 December 2013 14:07

Mom's Christmas wish list

Any parent worth their salt tells their kids the same thing around Christmas time: 'Please, don't get me anything!' Before I had kids, I used to think this was a tricky ploy parents used in a subversive effort to suck more out of their children. Reverse Psychology 101, textbook material. It's sort of like people coming over around dinner time, announcing they're starving, then watching you chow down. You feel bad for people who say they don't want anything, especially if these people gave you life.

This year, my children are actually at an age where they can accompany one of us to the store and pick out their own gifts for us. They've amassed some allowance money, squandered some birthday cash and stolen from tables and dressers in our home. They have money to burn (even if it's not theirs and all in change.) With her fortune burning a hole in her pocket, my 8-year-old asked me what I'd like for Christmas this year, so I gave her the parent party line, 'Please, don't get me anything for Christmas, sweetheart. Your love is enough.'

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