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My first boss (and my most memorable) used to say, 'Achieving success is easy. The hard part is sustaining it.' 

Businesses can sometimes become complacent about their success. When things go consistently well for an extended time, it's easy to develop a false sense of security, to assume that things are running smoothly because we've 'mastered' a system and that the current growth momentum will just continue. Unfortunately, though, the drive to excel goes hand-in-hand with the perceived need to improve. When companies become successful at a larger level, they can sometimes forget about the smaller things that helped achieve that success.

Published in The Marketing Edge
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 16:47

The gift of marketing

Pulse marketing offers private marketing clinics to 15 businesses for free

BANGOR Tis the season for merry making and gift giving. Pulse Marketing is offering free, 90-minute private marketing clinics to 15 local businesses that are looking to build a marketing strategy for 2013 or to simply revamp their existing marketing strategies. The clinic is called Planning Ahead: Marketing Guidance for the New Year and is being offered one per day from Nov. 26 until Dec. 14.

'We were brainstorming about how we can help the community. We wanted to give back and we're so small and so young Donating cash is a concern for us because we don't have a lot to donate,' said Cintia Miranda, the president of Pulse Marketing. 'We can donate our time. We came up with the idea. We usually offer complimentary first visits for clients, but this is different.'

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