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Marriage and Money: Ten Money Conversation Starters

Summer is the most popular season for weddings. So what better time to discuss your marriage, as well as one of my favorite topics, money?

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 19:32

Thankful on a budget

We all know how the costs can add up around each special event and holiday. How can we be thankful on a budget? We can, and if we are careful we can lift a lot of stress off our shoulders and make the day more about gratitude for all of our blessings and way less about us.

Food Reward cards, loyalty programs, coupons and cash-back may all be ways to get the turkey and side dishes more cheaply. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, September turkey prices have historically been less expensive than the price of turkey in November. Though it is already November, you can still save money now by stocking up in the weeks prior, when there are deals on canned or frozen veggies. Try not to buy things the day before you need them. In a frantic, last-minute search of the store, we tend to overspend.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 20:20

About lending money

The opportunity to lend money to family or friends is a sticky one but also a common concern.What do you do?

What can you afford to lose?

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015 17:52

Tips for being a businessmom

More and more moms are starting their own businesses. This may be your future, too. So what should you keep in mind? Here are a few tips just for you, Momma.

Do your own thing

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015 16:26

Top five money mistakes couples make

June is the most popular month for weddings. If you are in that happy coterie, I would love to help your union be as wonderful as possible. After 40 years of marriage, I could tell you lots of great tips on many topics. But as this is a money column, here are the top five money mistakes, in no particular order, commonly made that can ruin your relationship.

No communication For years you have been making decisions about everything in your life: money, job, vacations - all of it. Now there is this special someone who cares about you, worries and plans for you. You need to communicate big and little goals and dreams, spending and savings plans and all the important things of life. If you fail to communicate about money in this marriage, your relationship will flounder and may fail. Not sharing can result in hurt feelings, missed opportunities for good counsel and perhaps may eventually lead to keeping secrets.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 17:37

Rethinking money for college

When it comes to money for college, we sometimes get so overwhelmed that loans seem like the only way to go. But how about some of these ideas? They may not cover all of your needs, but depending on where you go to school and what talents you have, these ideas could help you earn some serious money towards your schooling.

Sell online. Are you an expert or well-versed in an area that might translate into selling awesomeness? Items such as toys, cameras and textbooks may be purchased for enough less than they could be sold that you may reap a nice margin. Can the things be found at local yard sales and sold online? There are people who make good money at this because they know their field and they work hard.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 22:31

Financially savvy adult

In adulthood there are financial things that you need to know because you realize with freedom comes responsibility. After all those antsy years in childhood waiting to be the boss of you, YOU are finally in control of your activities, where you live and your money.

I can't help with all of life's advice, but I've been a financial professional for 15 years so I might be able to assist with your financial matters. And here are three things you need to know to make you a more financially savvy adult.

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You've always thought that you would make an awesome millionaire. I totally agree!

And you know that not everyone who has a lot of money KEEPS the money. And some folks who have modest means have plenty saved.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 13:09

Do-it-yourself investing

I am a do-it-yourself gal. I would love to be able to pay for every type of expert and service. But if necessity is the mother of invention, a gal on a budget who wants what she wants becomes a DIY gal.

Many of us have had to become do-it-yourselfers on investing, managing our own 401ks or other tax-deferred retirement accounts at our workplace.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014 22:16

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A day set aside to focus on thanksgiving is an awesome thing. But what does being grateful have to do with your money? Lots, actually.

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