WATERVILLE – Movie magic is returning to Waterville’s big screens this summer.

The Maine International Film Festival, one of the highlights of the region’s cultural calendar, is back in action once again. Running from July 9 through July 18, MIFF has once again assembled a top-notch slate of films. We’re talking dozens of movies running the gamut – comedies and dramas and documentaries, feature-length and short, international offerings and movies made right here in Maine – all collected and curated by the folks at the Maine Film Center. It’s a typically outstanding program for what promises to be another dynamite festival.

MIFF was one of the many cultural institutions forced to pivot last year due to the circumstances of the pandemic. One could argue they were among the nimblest in doing so, teaming up with the Skowhegan Drive-In to present a pared-down and safe version of the festival last summer.

That relationship is continuing this year, even though MIFF’s indoor venues – Railroad Square Cinema and the Waterville Opera House – are both open and available. It’s a wonderful expansion of the festival, both geographically and in terms of the way in which the films can be enjoyed.

It’s also worth noting that there is a virtual component to this year’s festival. Through the MIFF website – – viewers can access a number of offerings, including all four of the short film compilations. It’s a great opportunity for those unable to travel to the festival site to still engage with some of the wonderful films that are part of the slate.

Additionally, the festival is featuring an exhibit called The Kneeling Art Photography Project, an exhibition of photos of Mainers from many different backgrounds taking a knee in support of anti-racist actions in their respective communities. Those who attend will have the opportunity to have their own photos made as they themselves take a knee and become part of this statewide solidarity. Also, there will be a live music and projection event in Castonguay Square following the opening night film on July 9.

I spend a lot of time at the movies. And while I embrace the bombast and excess that has come to mark the cinematic summer, there's something wonderful about the idea that scores of great films - films of all shapes and sizes from filmmakers that span the globe - are all going to be assembled and played for Maine audiences over the course of 10 marvelous days.

Trying to describe the entire bill of fare at MIFF would be a fool's errand; there are simply too many excellent offerings to try and fit them all in. Instead, let's take a look at a handful of potentially interesting highlights. This list will be far from comprehensive, but it should provide an informative cross-sectional peek at the wide variety of films assembled by the festival's programming team.

To that end, we'll be taking a look at an offering from every day of the festival. Please note that this list barely scratches the surface: you can get a look at the full schedule at the festival website at

(All film descriptions come from the Maine International Film Festival website.)

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Thursday, 02 July 2020 11:19

MIFF goes to the drive-in in 2020

SKOWHEGAN – Like many arts and cultural events, the Maine International Film Festival faced a difficult reckoning in 2020 thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Organizers were forced to look for alternative solutions. Luckily for area film buffs, they found one.

MIFF is going to the drive-in.

The festival has teamed up with the Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre to present a scaled-down version of their scheduled slate. Running July 7-16, MIFF will screen one offering per night at the drive-in starting at 8:45 p.m. In addition, some programming will be made available for streaming for film fans from farther afield. For more information on programming, check out

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018 11:58

More movie magic courtesy of MIFF

WATERVILLE - One of the highlights of Maine's cinematic calendar is about to get underway in Waterville.

The Maine International Film Festival is set to take place from July 13 through July 22. The festival - marking its 21st year - will once again feature a vast array of films - nearly 100 in all. Comedies, dramas and documentaries, feature-length films and shorts, movies new and old from all over the world and from right in our backyards here in Maine.

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WATERVILLE – It’s that time again. We’ve once again arrived at the highest of highlights in Maine’s cinematic calendar.

The Maine International Film Festival is back.

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Thursday, 07 July 2016 09:27

MIFF makes movie magic once more

Maine International Film Festival returns for 19th year

WATERVILLE One of the highlights of Maine's cinematic calendar is about to get underway in Waterville.

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Festival in Waterville honors Actor Keith Carradine and legendary director Robert Altman, welcomes Oscar-winning writer Ernest Thompson and more

WATERVILLE - Actor Keith Carradine and late legendary director Robert Altman are among honorees at this year's Maine International Film Festival in Waterville Friday, July 12 through Sunday, July 21.    

Founded in 1998, the Maine International Film Festival shows some 100 films in 10 days. The MIFF seeks and screens some of the best of American independent and international cinema, plus spotlights some of Maine and New England's most exciting and innovative filmmakers. 

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WATERVILLE - Annie Ross was a founding member of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, considered the greatest jazz vocal ensemble of all time. Now 82 years young, Ross will be accompanied by her pianist, Tardo Hammer. Ross is one of the early practitioners of a singing style known as 'vocalese,' which involves the setting of original lyrics to an instrumental jazz solo. Ross's visit to MIFF is part of a special 'Celebrating Altman' program honoring the work of one of America's greatest directors, Robert Altman, with whom Ross worked as an actress in and creator of the soundtrack for his ensemble film masterpiece, 'Short Cuts.'

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012 11:01

MIFF turns 15

Maine International Film Festival returns to Waterville

WATERVILLE When we think about movies in the summertime, more often than not, we tend to think of big-budget blockbusters. And with good reason: explosion-laden action epics, superhero sequels and movie star vehicles abound at this time of year.

But that's not all there is. Here in Maine, summer movies also means the coming of the Maine International Film Festival. The 15th annual festival gets underway on July 13 and runs through July 22 and features over 50 filmmakers and nearly 100 films over the course of the 10-day run.

As you might guess, a whole lot of work goes into those 10 days.

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