Wednesday, 28 September 2016 11:40

Everything old is new again!

Upcoming music box sets, reissues, remasters and vault releases

Record companies and artist estates continue to trawl the vaults in an effort to offer music lovers more of what they yearn for from archival releases.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012 22:11

Jimmy Page unguarded in Light and Shade'

As editor-in-chief for Guitar World magazine since 1989, Brad Tolinski has had the opportunity to interview most of his heroes to discuss music, life and how the two intersect.

His most significant interview subject has been one of rock's most notoriously private legends, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin's guitar wizard, producer and co-writer of most of the band's catalog.

Significant not only because Page has agreed to be interviewed by Tolinski more than a dozen times, but also for the fact that he has revealed more in those conversations than with perhaps any other journalist.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 14:14

Coming soon in music

P!nk and No Doubt have struck deals with Target to offer exclusive deluxe editions of their upcoming albums. P!nk's 'The Truth About Love' will be released on Sept. 18 and features four new tracks exclusive to the Target release. A longtime fan of the retailer, P!nk recently told Billboard, 'My entire house looks like Target threw up on it.' P!nk wrote and recorded 35 new songs for 'Truth' and will offer 17 of them on the new Target edition of the record.

No Doubt follows on Sept. 25 with 'Push and Shove' their first new LP in 11 years. While most retailers will offer an 11-track version of the album, Target gets an exclusive eight-song bonus disc five of them exclusive to the Target disc. Included among the extra tracks are acoustic versions, remixes and a cover of Adam and the Ants' 1981 single 'Stand and Deliver.'

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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 14:24

The other Boston Tea Party

In the mid 80s, a friend gave me a cassette containing live recordings of a February 1970 Fleetwood Mac performance (the original Fleetwood Mac - with Peter Green on guitar and lead vocals) recorded in Boston. The tape was labeled 'Live at the Boston Tea Party,' and to this day, that tape contains some of the best live rock recordings I've heard.

In those pre-internet days, information about The Boston Tea Party was hard to come by. That tape instilled an ongoing curiosity for me about the venue itself. Where was it? Who played there? What is currently occupying that space? That's where it gets a bit complicated.

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