ROCKLAND Award-winning music producer, critic and translator Lawrence Schulman will give a talk on Judy Garland, entitled 'Moments of Magic,' at the Rockland Public Library (Maine) on Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015 at 6 p.m. Admission is free. The one-and-a-quarter hour talk will examine Judy Garland's life and career, and feature nine audio-video clips, to be followed by a question and answer. Schulman will endeavor to answer the question: 'If I had just one hour to convince you of Judy Garland's place in classic American popular music, what film and television performances would I choose?'

Schulman has been responsible for numerous CD sets devoted to Garland over the past 22 years, and written the liner notes for most of them. His 2010 4-CD set, 'Judy Garland: Lost Tracks' (JSP Records), was featured in The Wall Street Journal, and won the Best of 2010 award from the French public radio station, France Musique. His 2013 4-CD set,' Judy Garland: Creations' (JSP Records), and his 2014 5-CD set, 'Judy Garland: The Garland Variations,' were nominated by the website The Second Disc as the best jazz and vocal reissues of the year. His 2015 3-CD set 'Judy Garland: Swan Songs, First Flights' (DOREMI/HALLOW) was also featured in The Wall Street Journal. His other releases include 'Judy Garland: Child of Hollywood' (RPCD, 1993), 'Judy Garland at the Paris Olympia' (RTE-Europe 1, 1994), 'Judy Garland: Classiques et indits' (Frmeaux & Associs, 2008),' Judy Garland: Smilin' Through' (JSP Records, 2011) 'and Judy Garland: The Carnegie Hall Concert' (JSP Records, 2012). Upcoming CD projects include 'Judy Garland: The Best of Lost Tracks' (JSP),' Judy Garland Sings Harold Arlen' (JSP), 'Judy Garland: Classic Duets' (DOREMI/HALLOW) and on SACD 'Judy Garland: Judy in Love' (Audio Fidelity/UMe).

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