Thursday night, the name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby was revealed. North, once before just a direction on a compass, now graces the newborn. To boot, her last name is West, releasing an onslaught of jokes. 

I find unusual names intriguing, but North fell flat with me. The fact that it was a noun did not bother me; it was something else. Noun names always sound odd when they are first introduced. Take Brooke and Willow for example. I thought they were far-fetched when I heard them, monikers only given by nature freaks. As time went on, however, I accepted them for what they were: phonetically pleasing names that evoked pleasant images.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 12:27

Celebrity Slam - June 26, 2013

Jump jumped

We've long known that fans of particular musicians can take their devotion to dizzying and disturbing heights. Recent years have shown us that fandom can make people do some bizarre things. But sometimes, stuff just gets weird.

Pop 'star' Aaron Carter found out the hard way that some fans don't take kindly when you musically intrude on the turf of their idols. Carter was in Boston in advance of an upcoming show when he allegedly got jumped by four men. However, this wasn't a robbery this was a territorial dispute. According to Carter, the men approached him while one of them shouted 'I heard you're doing a show here tomorrow. This is the town of the New Kids.'

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 11:26

Celebrity Slam - June 19, 2013

A child is born

We wouldn't be doing our duty here at Celebrity Slam if we didn't take a moment to acknowledge the birth of a daughter to proud parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Whenever a prominent celebrity power couple adds to their family, it warrants mentioning.

Also warranting mention is the cottage industry that seems to be springing up around the child. It is one thing to have an interest heaven knows we've heard enough about it over the past months but there are some people that have a need to make things 'interesting.'

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 12:02

Celebrity Slam - Feb. 27, 2013

Satire misfire

As you might guess, we here at Celebrity Slam are great fans of the wonderful satirists at The Onion. They've been offering up first-rate comedic commentary for decades now; they've proven again and again to take delight in pushing the envelope.

However, there is such a thing as pushing too far.

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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 15:03

Celebrity Slam - Jan. 2, 2013

Baby on board

One of entertainment's biggest power couples has announced an impending addition to their superfamous family.

That's right: Kim Kardashian is going to have Kanye West's baby. He made the announcement from the stage at a concert in Atlantic City, telling the world that Kim was pregnant. She is reportedly about 12 weeks along.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 11:58

Celebrity Slam - Sept. 12, 2012

A weekend to forget

This was not a great weekend for Miley Cyrus.

The former 'Hannah Montana' star had to deal with the law on two separate and unrelated occasions this weekend.

The first unfortunate incident an incident for which Cyrus is blameless came when some lunatic hopped the fence surrounding her Los Angeles home and started wandering around brandishing a pair of scissors. The intruder was apprehended and taken away. Scary stuff.

The second (and far more hilarious) incident took place Saturday night at a Hollywood nightclub. Cyrus and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth allegedly wound up in an altercation with some people sitting near them at Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel.

The alleged victim claims that he and his friends accidentally bumped Hemsworth's chair. Words were exchanged and tensions quickly escalated. According to the claimant, Hemsworth got in the man's face and Cyrus jumped up to separate the two men. When she did so, he alleges that she pushed him away and struck him in the face. Cyrus's representatives are calling the whole thing 'false and erroneous' and people who claim to have witnessed the argument say that Miley never took a swing. As it stands right now, Cyrus is considered a criminal battery suspect.

It's too early to say what really happened, but let's be real: it sure seems plausible, doesn't it? Miley Cyrus has done a lot of stupid things in her day; is it really that unreasonable to think she took a shot at a dude because he was mouthing off to her boyfriend? You'd think that someone with her history of poor judgment would think twice before getting into a screaming match with some rando, regardless of whether the argument ever progressed to the physical. We tried to let the crazy haircut slide, but this is a bridge too far.

We honestly thought you might be growing up a little, Miley. There was a nice stretch there when it seemed like you were getting your act together. Thenboom! It's all crazy head shaving and getting in fights with dudes at nightclubs.

Oh well. Next weekend has to be better, right?

Creepy with a side of weird

Kanye West is weird. We can all agree on that. His planet-sized ego combined with his general disdain for basic social mores makes him one of the most bizarre of pop culture's luminaries. So yeah, Kanye is weird.

But we couldn't possibly have known just how weird.

It has recently come to light that Kanye has been borderline obsessed with his current girlfriend Kim Kardashian since long before the pair started dating. Apparently, Kanye's 2009 song 'Knock You Down' contains several lyrics that were penned specifically to address Kardashian (who was dating NFL player Reggie Bush at the time).

It's the lyrics devoted to Kim on his latest single that have raised some eyebrows, however. The song 'Clique' contains the line 'Eat breakfast at Gucci/My girl a superstar all from a home movie,' a reference to Kardashian's infamous career launching pad of a sex tape. Sounds like he's okay with it, right?

Turns out he is way more than just okay with it.

Multiple sources have come forward to state that Kanye actually used to watch Kim's sex tape to get himself in the mood. Apparently, he even occasionally went so far as to watch the tape whilelet's call it 'entertaining' members of the opposite sex.

To each their own and all that, but holy crap - that is creepy. Did Kim know about Kanye's proclivity? If so, who told her? If Kanye told her, why? For that matter, why would he tell anybody at all? That's the sort of pathetic weirdness that you should really keep to yourself. Do you suppose he still watches the tape even though she's the one being'entertained'? Is she so delusional and self-absorbed that she views this as some sort of compliment?

Kim and Kanye a match made in batst crazy heaven.

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