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Some summer reading recommendations

A few literary offerings from Maine-based authors

Summer is a great time to settle in with a good book.

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Maine author's second historical mystery an even stronger offering

Last year, Maine author Kieran Shields blew me away with his debut novel 'The Truth of All Things;' I even included it in my 'Best Reads of 2012.' It was a wonderfully constructed historical mystery populated by a cast of fascinating characters.

His latest book is 'A Study in Revenge' (Crown, $25). In it, we once again pay a visit to the turn-of-the-century Portland that Shields has meticulously created. We also get to become reacquainted with his notable creations - Portland policeman Archie Lean and the indefatigable detective Perceval Grey.

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Thursday, 29 March 2012 12:05

An Interview with Kieran Shields

Writing a book is difficult. Writing a good book is even more so. So when a first-time novelist gets it right, it is certainly worthy of note. When that novel turns out to be a historical mystery about Portland and the author is a Maine native, wellthe hits just keep on coming.

Kieran Shields, a Portland native who still lives in southern Maine, is the author of 'The Truth of All Things,' a detective novel set in Portland at the turn of the 20th Century. It's a marvelous debut effort; Mr. Shields was kind enough to take a few moments to speak to us.

'The idea grew out of an earlier work I had done that was just sitting in a drawer,' said Shields. 'It was non-fiction dealing with colonial Maine in the late 1600s. While doing research for that book, I found lots of interesting connections between Portland and the Salem Witch Trials. A lot of the major players in Salem had connections to Maine.'

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Maine author's debut an enthralling read

There's something magical about those moments when a book grabs your attention. It can be anything: a clever title, an evocative cover image or a jacket quote from a previously-enjoyed author. And when you've given your attention and picked up that book for a closer examination BOOM! The hook is set.

So it was for me with Maine author Kieran Shields's debut novel 'The Truth of All Things' (Crown, $25). It's a great title. The cover art is intriguing. So I took a look at the inside jacket copy. I was hooked before I was halfway to the bottom.

Archie Lean is a newly-appointed Deputy Marshal for the City of Portland. When he's called in to investigate the death of a prostitute, he is confronted with a body that appears to have been ritualistically murdered, surrounded by a pentagram and pinned to the ground with a pitchfork a killing method traditionally associated with the execution of witches.

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