Well … it could have been worse?

It will surprise no one to hear that Stella has once more triumphed in Kibbles and Picks, outpicking me for the seventh time in nine seasons. However, I was able to battle back from the frankly embarrassing 15-game deficit of a couple of weeks ago; thanks to two consecutive 12-4 weeks, I was able to regain a little bit of my dignity.

I mean, I still lost to a dog, so dignity is a bit thin on the ground, but I’ll take what I can get.

Here are our final records:


Week 18 record: 12-4

Season record: 165-106-1



Week 18 record: 8-8

Season record: 174-97-1


That’s right, folks! I wound up losing by just nine games! I got that lead down into single digits! Barely, but it counts! Let’s hear it for moral victories!

It’s worth noting, however, that even with my late-season push toward respectability, this might be one of the most dominant performances that Stella has ever put up in Kibbles and Picks. Even with a bit of a fade at the end, Stella was correct on 64% of her picks, whereas I managed just 60.7% for the year.

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