45-year-old Mark Jackson & 41-year-old William 'Bopper' Minton of Kentucky lasted ten legs on 'The Amazing Race', a CBS reality show that pins two person teams against one another in a race around the world. The southerners were hoping to make it to the finish line and win the million dollars, but came in last place this week and were ultimately eliminated from the race. However, along the way they provided many laughs to viewers like myself and were a joy to watch as they completed challenge after challenge with effortless teamwork, a zest for life, and a positive 'aww shucks' attitude. These Kentucky boys got to travel to places they'd never heard of and they allowed us to experience it for the first time alongside of them. I spoke with Mark & Bopper by phone recently to find out if 'The Amazing Race' was as amazing as they expected it would be.

The Maine Edge: Bopper, last night we saw you willingly shave your head in an effort to win the 'fast forward' and move straight on to the pit stop. However, you still were the last team to arrive. So do you regret shaving your head?

Bopper: Absolutely not, honey. My hair grows unbelievably fast. I will shave my head or cut off my leg for my little girl. I needed to win that money to relocate my family to a healthy environment.

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