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Special delivery - 'Storks'

Animated film offers laughs for the whole family

One of the best aspects of 21st century Hollywood's affinity for animated films is that you not only get a wide variety of films, but a wide variety of talented filmmakers filmmakers who might not have otherwise involved themselves with animation coming on board to make movies.

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Thursday, 01 November 2012 09:53

Celebrity Slam - Oct. 31, 2012

Baby on board

It's probably unfair to paint all rich and/or famous people with the 'bad parent' brush. In fact, it's likely that the vast majority of celebrities out there are perfectly responsible, wonderful parents or at least, no worse than anybody else. However, due to the nature of fame, we tend to hear a lot more about the few bad apples/terrible parents than we do about the good ones.

Which brings us to Kelsey Grammer.

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