Nary Ebeid and Jamie Graetz of Los Angeles were the only remaining all female team competing on 'The Amazing Race' until this Sunday's episode. The duo, which came in last during last week's non-elimination round, had not only to complete a detour in Africa that required them to patch a punctured bicycle tire without removing the wheel from the bike, but also a road block that Nary opted to do. That road block included donning a bee suit to collect 500 grams of honey from a bee farm. Both Nary and Jamie were also required to complete a speed bump because of their last place finish during the previous leg of the race. That speed bump included assembling an art display, a task that wasn't too difficult but cost the Federal Agents precious time that they just couldn't make up. As a result, Nary and Jamie came in last again, and this time they were eliminated. I had a chance to speak with the Federal Agents to get their reaction to this once in a lifetime opportunity to travel the world and compete for $1 million.

The Maine Edge: What happened? Was it just from getting behind in the last leg?

Nary: We were already two hours behind. Assembling the tent [from the last leg] put us way back. And this leg, there was no equalizer. We were hoping there would be an equalizer, like we all get on the same flight. But even with U-turns and the speed bump, there was no room to catch up.

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