Tuesday, 24 September 2013 21:47

Why Apple's colorful iPhone 5C is a crazy hit

It's almost mind-boggling to watch people go nuts over the new iPhone 5C. Apple's newest device can be pre-ordered now, with an estimated delivery date of Oct. 4 but aside from a minor OS upgrade and better camera, Apple's new marketing model simply revolves around a set of vibrant colors and a plastic case. Now, you may ask, who really needs a new colorful phone badly enough to go as far as pre-ordering one? 

Quite a few people, apparently. In fact, the yellow phone is as much of a hit as the old Sony Sports Walkman was in the '90s it's already sold out for the first delivery date. So, perhaps Apple's focus on style doesn't satisfy a need but it certainly makes a fashion statement.

Published in The Marketing Edge


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