There are a LOT of movies out there.

Thanks to the increasing affordability and exponential increase in quality of film equipment, the barriers to entry with regard to filmmaking are lower than they have ever been. It has never been easier to make a film.

That’s not to say that it is EASY. Making a movie is still a daunting enterprise, and while there are fewer obstacles, certain realities with regard to financing and distribution remain. Filmmakers still have plenty of hurdles to clear.

In some cases, these indie films prove to be showcases for great work, with the people involved finding ways to stretch every available resource to create something excellent. In those cases, the filmmakers find ways to work with their constraints; their movies likely have their flaws, but their pros far outshine their cons.

In other cases, well … not so much.

Unfortunately, the new film “Introducing Jodea,” directed by Jon Cohen from a story by Chloe Traicos (who also stars), falls largely into that latter category. The film – yet another cinematic riff on “Pygmalion” – tries to poke fun at the Hollywood machine while telling an engaging love story, but the effort never quite resonates.

It’s a good-faith attempt, but the film simply can’t reach the level to which it aspires. And while some of the blame can certainly be placed on lack of resources, the reality is that there’s not enough here. It just doesn’t work.

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