Tuesday, 21 January 2014 23:20

In praise of middle-aged mothers

Ever had your house cleaned from top to bottom without lifting a finger? Ever arrived home after working like a dog and found logs on the fire, a meal in the fridge and the surface of your kitchen counter clean and clearly visible? Chances are your home has been visited by the same house sprite who generously sprinkles her fairy dust over the abodes of adult children everywhere: YOUR MOM. 

I don't know why they do it or what the exact cut off age is, but the mothers I know (my friends are all over 30-something) just can't stop mothering. Funny thing, that maternal instinct doesn't seem to ever shut down. Middle aged moms keep doing laundry, bringing meals, letting the dog out, buying tablecloths and arranging centerpieces for every season (pumpkins for the fall, holly berries for the winter, Easter lilies for the spring and fresh lilacs and linen candles for the summer). Moms swoop in to save the day in their retirement cars and comfortable shoes without every expecting more in return than a phone call. 

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