Wednesday, 20 November 2013 20:38

How much breast is best?

Some people might say I nursed my son too long, and it's definitely a matter for debate. He consciously remembers nursing, unconsciously fondles my mammary glands, and occasionally asks if I make milk anymore. I know what you're thinking. What kind of hippie-loving, rainforest-hugging, leg-hair-braiding mother am I?

Actually, I am none of the above. I am a teacher who wears comfortable shoes, slays whole rain forests with one-sided photocopies and shaves her leg hair according to the seasons daily in the summer, weekly in the winter (the other two don't count). I am not one of those women who belong on an Oprah Winfrey special or the cover of 'Time.' Nor do I agree with the American University professor who breast-fed her child in front of a captive audience, her students. Come on, lady. Let's have a little more decorum behind the desk.    

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