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Three Pint Stance - Home(brew) for the holidays

Is it too early for a holiday themed post? Who cares - it’s my column and I do what I want!

(Editor’s note: So it’s going to be one of THESE. Sigh.)

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Last week, we brought you the first installment in a series where I answer questions for the first-time brewer.

For context, my former pay check autographer and the Publisher of these fine pages (physical or internetish as they may be) Mike Fern has taken the plunge and started brewing with his newly acquired friend, Mr. Beer.

Forever in his debt for putting up with my office antics for nearly half a decade, I agreed to lend as much “expert guidance” as I could to Mr. Fern. Ever the egalitarian journalist of the people, Mike suggested we publish these tips here for all to enjoy.

With that needlessly verbose context in hand, I present you with “First-time home brewer questions, Vol 2 - Electric Brew-galoo” (it has nothing to do with electricity, but I wanted to make a “Breakin’ 2” reference and I figured if I put it in the title, Allen can’t take it out. He still might. Only I will know if he does.).

(Editor’s note: Like I’m going to pass on an opportunity to reference the second-greatest breakdancing movie in the history of the genre. Have you met me?)

Published in Style

Last week, Maine Edge publisher Mike Fern – the Big Cheese - called me and said “I have a few questions for you…” in that vaguely threatening yet oddly friendly way that only someone from Philadelphia can pull off. My mind raced – had he finally found out about all of the money I embezzled? The statute of limitations is up in less than a year!

When he followed up with, “I received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas…” I was instantly relieved! I’m not made for life on the run.

It turns out that my old boss has decided to take the plunge and make some homemade suds. As I do with all friends, I offered to help in any way possible. To that end, Mike sent me a few questions that he had as a beginner in the process and asked if I would answer them – not only for him, but for you all as well! So for the next few weeks – it’s Q&A with 3PS!

Published in Style


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