Over the weekend, I was at Stompers in Holden pouring some Gneiss beers for an in-store tasting as part of their extremely well-attended 1 Year Anniversary (And a very happy anniversary to them indeed!).

While pouring beers, I happened to meet a homebrewer and casual reader of this column who told me that his favorite column were the ones where I discuss home brewing and do my best to impart some of the collected wisdom that has lodged itself in my brain over the past decade or so of making my own hooch.

With that in mind, I figured I would touch upon the topic of home brewing this week, specifically dealing with what I found was the most appreciated and game-changing piece of brewing equipment in my homebrew setup: the Wort Chiller.

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And we are back!

For those of you just tuning in, this is sort of an ongoing thing we have here, and while I am usually the inclusive type, at this point you’re too late. Go back to the beginning of the series and catch up. Maybe see you next week? I’ll wait.

(Editor’s note: No. No, you won’t.)

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Welcome back intrepid home brewers, curious readers and anyone else who finds themselves reading this because they finished reading all the interesting stuff Allen wrote about! In this edition of “FTHBQ,” we will look into the final production step of your home-brewed beer - carbonation!

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Volume 4 of our ongoing series is upon us, and it comes with a bitter attitude and a powerful aroma. We are taking about IPAs today – specifically, how to describe the type of IPA flavor you are looking for. We now turn to Mike Fern for the setup question. Take it away, Mike.

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And we are back to our longitudinal series “First-time home brewer questions!” In this edition, I give Mike the cold shoulder as I discuss the differences between Ale and Lager and what to keep in mind when brewing a lager at home! On to the good stuff…

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