Starting your holiday marketing sooner rather than later is always a great idea, but if you’ve procrastinated a bit and hope to get your marketing started soon, there are still some generations that you might appeal to – that’s right, generations! 

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Although we’re well into the month of November, there’s still time to optimize your website’s landing pages for the holiday season. If you sell products on your website or are running an online holiday promotion, take some time to review your landing pages to make sure your website is doing its job. Keep in mind that people could be coming to your website and landing on a number of your pages, not just the homepage or the ones you link to in your advertising.

When reviewing your website, here are a few landing page tips to remember:  

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'It's only November!' you probably said when you saw the words 'Social media marketing for the holidays.' Yes, it's only early November, but guess what that means? There are only a few days left until Thanksgiving, and barely a month and a half until Christmas; you should take advantage of every single one of those days for your holiday marketing especially when it comes to social media.

Published in The Marketing Edge


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