There’s a turn of phrase that has been floating around out there in the zeitgeist for a few years about which I have conflicted feelings. “Elevated horror” is a term that is being used to describe movies that incorporate horror elements and tropes while ostensibly being above the genre itself.

Honestly – I don’t care for it.

Those films and filmmakers – the Ari Asters and Jordan Peeles and Robert Eggers – don’t need any qualifiers; the notion that a horror movie is somehow unable to also be an artistically impactful film is foolish on its face. I respect the desire for a shorthand, but come on – great horror is great art, full stop.

This brings us to “His House,” a new film streaming on Netflix. Written and directed by debut feature filmmaker Remi Weekes, it’s a movie that invites that sort of cinephile labeling, bringing together exceptionally executed scares with engaging ideas and social commentary. It invites it, but it doesn’t need it.

It doesn’t need it because “His House” succeeds on its merits. It is a taut, tense haunted house horror thriller, packed with unsettling images and some incredible scares. It is also a sharp and incisive deconstructive commentary on the dehumanizing nature of the refugee experience. And it is wildly effective from both perspectives. This is a bordering-on-brilliant work of horror filmmaking, marrying the trappings of the genre with nuanced messaging regarding a very complex issue.

So yeah – it’s REALLY good.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 12:27

Boo! Scary fun things to do this Halloween

Halloween is nigh, and there are tons of themed events taking place all over that range from fun to hair-raising. So whether you're just looking to gorge on candy and dress in a sexy/hilarious costume or to have the crap scared out of you, there's something for you. Unless you're against Halloween and all it stands for. Then you're out of luck.

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