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I've been running solo for a while training to run a half marathon in April. I've been able to log eight miles consistently, and every time I feel a little bit stronger. But last weekend I ran in a 5k race and I felt like a mule trying to sludge through a muddy field carrying a load of firewood. Seriously I was slow.   

This was my first race this year, and I forgot one critical thing don't try to be like the others. Find your own pace and stick with it! I made the mistake of starting out too fast to keep up with the faster runners and lost my mojo about halfway through. I should know better!   

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BANGOR - Twenty-two-year-old Alicia Cram, a UMO student from Bangor; and her twin sister, Ashely, a Tarrant County College student in Texas, are trying to outrun and out-fundraise each other in this year's San Diego Rock 'n' Roll half marathon. The sisters have participated in races together before, but this will be the first time they've competed against each other.

"We never got to compete against each other growing up because we were always on the same sports teams, so I'm excited [for this]," Alicia Cram said. "We're 1,800 miles apart and we're still very competitive."

The twins are so competitive they can't help themselves from throwing a little trash talk each other's way when they're together.

"We see each other twice a year, and when we met up in Florida she said, 'I'm in so much better shape than you,' but we're the same height and weight," Alicia said. "She's also two minutes older than I am, and she always says 'I'm older' and I always tell her, 'That's because I kicked you out.'"

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