Thursday, 20 December 2012 10:16

Our grief

Is there anything anyone can really say that touches the depth of grief a parent suffers over the loss of a child? I'm not sure there are words to express the profound sadness the parents, teachers, children and community members of Newton, Connecticut are feeling right now. As a mother and teacher, my heart is broken and with the victims of this unfathomable atrocity.

Out of touch with the media during the work day, I was sitting in a Friday afternoon department meeting when a colleague asked me if I had heard the news. Thankfully, I've heard this question sparingly in my life, but every time I have, it sends a shiver down my spine. I was in college during the Columbine shooting and somewhat insulated from the world at the time. Still a child myself, I had no way of looking at such tragedy in a manner that felt real. I simply couldn't grasp what others were going through.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012 23:42

Bottom of the ninth at St. Joe's

Gaming through grief

Six floors. Six floors to the top of St. Joseph Hospital and the temporary home of close to a dozen of my family members for the past four weeks. Days like this, the weight on my shoulders told me I was carrying the elevator instead of the other way around. Since my grandmother had been admitted with weakness, things had steadily progressed into a spiral of unknown maladies until she was reduced to a mere shadow of her former self. I sat next to her bed as her eyes flickered back and forth, microseconds of wakefulness that were immediately dragged into what appeared to be nightmarish minutes of restless sleep.

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