BELFAST - The Cinderella Project is once again providing the opportunity for every girl to feel like the belle of the ball at her high school prom. The project, which started in Belfast back in 2007, offers teenagers their very own prom dress, free of charge, from hundreds of donated gowns collected throughout the year.

"There's a lot of need for things like this here," explained Mandie Sawyer, chairperson for the Cinderella Project. "I was teaching Jobs For Maine Graduates [or JMG] when this project started, and I made it into a lesson where we talked about giving back. We thought, what if this project could inspire girls to do something, to pay it forward?"

Since then, Sawyer and her planning committee made up entirely of volunteers, or fairy godmothers as they're so often referred to, have been collecting, organizing and handing out dresses to high schoolers who might otherwise miss the big dance.

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BANGOR In these hard economic times, more Maine families are facing hunger than ever before. Bangor Savings Bank is stepping forward again in an effort to fight hunger. During the month of March, Bangor Savings Bank will be collecting peanut butter and jelly to benefit local food pantries statewide. Donations can be made at any 56 Bangor Savings Bank branch locations throughout the state.

Peanut butter is among one of the most expensive foods for food banks to purchase in large quantities. But it is in high demand due to peanut butter being rich with protein and also having monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils, the 'good fats.' To jump start the initiative, Welch's has generously donated 10 cases of grape jelly.

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