It’s no secret that I’m not a particularly close follower of the NBA. I have a decent general understanding of the state of the league just by dint of being a general sports fan, but as far as the vagaries and granular details? Not so much.

However, it’s also no secret that I’ve never let my relative ignorance with regard to a sports-related subject stop me from voicing my opinion.

And so here we are, with my standard underinformed preview of the NBA Finals.

(Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that this year’s Underinformed NBA Finals Preview is somewhat less underinformed than usual this year. As a Boston sports fan, I have maintained slightly greater than usual awareness of the goings-on regarding the Celtics. By no means should you take this as an indicator that I know what I’m talking about – I just thought it important to be transparent.)

The 2022 NBA Finals will see the Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics take on the Western Conference-winning Golden State Warriors. These are two teams with significant championship history; the Celtics have a chance to retake the all-time lead in titles with a win here, though they haven’t won one since 2008. Meanwhile, the Warriors are in the Finals for the sixth time in the last eight seasons; this is their shot at a fourth title in that stretch and seventh for the franchise overall.

Recent greatness versus an effort to reignite past glory – there’s a lot of fun to be had here. So who will win?

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As has been noted in these pages before, I am not a huge NBA fan specifically. However, I am a fairly observant general sports fan, and so I do have a degree of awareness regarding basketball – just enough awareness to have opinions. Underinformed opinions, but opinions nonetheless.

And so – why not offer up an underinformed NBA Finals preview?

The Golden State Warriors are facing off against the Toronto Raptors in a best-of-seven series for the NBA Championship. The Warriors are here as Western Conference champs for the fifth straight time, having won three titles in the last four years. The Raptors, on the other hand, are here as Eastern Conference champs for the first time in the franchise’s quarter-century of existence.

For the casual fan, it’s a pretty solid matchup in terms of historic narrative. On the one hand, if the Warriors win, it’s a chance to experience a truly historic sports dynasty – only a scant few teams have ever had such a stretch of success. On the other hand, you’ve got a chance to see a title-starved city watch a team that they adore hoist a trophy. Either way is a win, really.

So which team is superior? Well, there are a few underinformed ways in which we can examine this.

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An underinformed preview of the 2017 NBA Finals

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