Wednesday, 11 April 2012 23:41

Primed for Destiny

2012's best game is from 2002 

When I was but a lad of still-scared-of-the-toilet-age, my neighbors had a yard sale, and included in their treasure trove of old crap was their compilation of NES games. Being the age when you don't see with your eyes but with your hands, I immediately ran from game to game with eyes scanning for anything that might captivate my teeny hyperactive brain. With a gasp and a grin, I latched onto a colorful cartridge featuring (what I thought was) a dude in a spacesuit shooting at tiny spiky thingies. To a youngster like me, unjaded by years upon years of critiquing games, this was all I needed to know that this 'Metroid' game was going to be awesome.

However, as cruel fate would have it, my dear sister, being the extremely caring and unbelievably obnoxious older sibling that she was, told my mother that it had scary things like a 'Mother Brain' and 'monsters' and quite possibly 'caves.' My mother pursed her lips and shook her head, crushing my tiny dreams of being that awesome dude on the cover of that 'Metroid' game. So with a heavy heart, I bought 'Cobra Command' for a buck and trudged home with a heavy heart and a helicopter game.

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