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A Flatlander's Guide to Maine'

Whether you're from away' or not, you'll want this book

Some people are born lucky - others have to move to Maine from somewhere else. Mark Ricketts has a book for those poor souls: 'A Flatlander's Guide to Maine,' ($16.95, Islandport Press) is filled with amusing observations that have been colorfully illustrated by this famous flatlander.

Some may be familiar with Ricketts's work in The Bangor Metro with his column by colorful Maine native Earl Hornswaggle, the oldest man in the state. Or with 'Moose Mountain,' which classed up the weekly publication The Maine Edge (if that's possible). 

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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 13:57

Meet a Flatlander'

Mark Ricketts releases A Flatlander's Guide to Maine,' release party on May 14

BANGOR Mark Ricketts of Moose Mountain and Earl Hornswaggle fame has a new book coming out, 'A Flatlander's Guide to Maine,' which features not only some of the greatest hits from the aforementioned cartoons and writings, but new content as well. 

There's many people who would never guess that Mark Ricketts was from 'away.' He's captured a lot of the spirit of Maine in his cartoons, illustrations and writings. Originally from Arkansas, Ricketts and his wife moved to Maine from Chicago, trading in the big city for a more small town feel seven years ago.

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