Wednesday, 15 January 2014 22:42

Feeling dry?

The winter chill is upon us and who knows how long it is going to stay. With the bitter cold and snow-covered ground comes the dry air. These are the days when I long for the high humidity of late summer. Everything right now is beyond dried out, and our hair and skin is right up there with the rest of things lacking any moisture right now. It is important to take extra special care of your skin and your hair this time of year. Let me offer you a few tricks on how to stay moisturized for the rest of the winter. 

I have to switch up my hair and skin care routine for the winter, and you should too. This time of year you need to add moisture by switching up to a heavier face cream for your face and a conditioner with a little extra moisture is a must. Some of you may not use conditioner normally, and I would suggest that you do for the winter months. Hair that dries out is going to become brittle and frizzy and without proper care it is going to start breaking off. The only solution once your hair splits or breaks is to cut it off. There is no miracle product out there that can fix it. 

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