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Farmers' markets

where fresh, local products are offered & socially like-minded people gather

PENOBSCOT COUNTY - Farmers' markets are growing in popularity around Maine. Most offer everything from veggies to meats, fruits to cheeses, even breads and other baked goods. And as appealing as all those fresh items are, those who attend will tell you that's not the only reason they're drawn to these outdoor bazaars. Wandering from farmer's stand to farmer's stand with others searching for healthy food choices is truly a social experience like no other.

"You're connecting with neighbors and farmers. It's like the 'Ye Old General Store' used to be," said Mary Lou Hoskins, owner of Greencare in Hermon. And Clayton Carter of Fail Better Farms in Etna agrees.

"It's about connecting with your community as well as buying healthy local foods," explained Carter. "Since we see some of the same faces, we can have conversations and ask how their week is and how their kids are doing."

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Local Dish

How some area restaurants serve it up slow

Going to the local farmers' market creates a sense of community, not only for individuals, but businesses as well. Melissa Chaiken, chef and co-owner of The Fiddlehead Restaurant, 84 Hammond Street in Bangor, started the business with that in mind.

'I use a lot of local meat, local dairy, eggs, greens, lots of produce especially going into the spring and summer. I like using it. It's really nice to support the people immediately around you. It builds a strong sense of community,' said Chaiken. 'When people come here [to The Fiddlehead] to eat they feel that tie of knowing where your food comes from.'

That intimate knowledge of knowing your food, knowing who grows it and how they cultivate it, makes for good eating all around.

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'Share' the love

There's no disputing that whiling away a couple of hours browsing the offerings at your local farmer's market is a pleasant way to pass the time. These markets offer all kinds of wonderful locally-grown organic vegetable options for your dining pleasure.

But maybe the farmer's market isn't an occasional thing for you. Maybe you and your family are devoted to the idea of not only eating locally grown food, but also playing a part in the actual farming process.

That's where farm shares come in.

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