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Bandwagon jumpers unite!

I grew up a fan of all of the major sports but there was a clearly established priority. Baseball was my favorite, followed closely by football, then basketball, and hockey a distant fourth. Much of this had to do with television coverage. NBA and college basketball games were a television rarity, and it seemed you'd only catch a hockey game if the Bruins were making a playoff run. Though I knew the names of guys like Orr and Esposito, even Hull and Mikita, it was really only the stars you read about in the paper or 'Sports Illustrated' that were familiar.

As time went on and other claims to my time came along, I changed my sports viewing habits. I've always watched the Sox when I could, and nothing beats NFL Sundays, but I haven't been able to digest a full NBA game since the days of Bird, McHale and Parish, and I hadn't paid much attention to the NHL since Peter Puck was a television staple.

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With so many upsets in college basketball, there seems to be daily highlights of fans storming the court to celebrate.

No team has separated itself from the pack and there have been 15 instances when top-five teams in the Associated Press Top 25 poll lost to unranked squads on the road, according to STATS LLC.

That's led to a lot of postgame mayhem and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said it's not all fun and games when it happens.

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