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'The Secret Life of Pets' is doggone good

Animated family film has plenty of humor, heart

Sometimes, a movie comes along that you just know you're going to like. Maybe it's the filmmaker or the subject matter. Maybe it's just the trailer. Whatever the reason, you are absolutely certain that you are going to enjoy the film.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 12:47

Celebrity Slam - Sept. 19, 2012

A sauced Tomato

Olympic snowboarder/professional skateboarder/noted ginger Shaun White found himself in police custody recently after getting hammered and going absolutely berserk in a Nashville hotel. The Flying Tomato got super drunk and proceeded to absolutely trash his room before wandering out into the halls at 2 am. When he was confronted by hotel staffers, White then proceeded to start pulling fire alarms and generally act like an utter a-hole.

Then he made a break for it. He didn't get far.

A bystander outside the hotel attempted to keep White from leaving the scene in a taxi. White then allegedly kicked the guy and ran for it. The concerned citizen chased after White; the two wound up colliding and White crashed into a fence. White was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and was booked for vandalism and public intoxication while there.

It goes without saying that this is the exact sort of item for which Celebrity Slam was created.

There's nothing quite like a professional athlete letting loose. The combination of vast amounts of disposable income and an inherent sense of physical invulnerability can lead to some absolutely epic moments of complete lunacy.

And for it to be Shaun White? Cute little red-haired Shaun White? Magnificent.

Granted, trashing hotel rooms is kind of clich; it's the kind of old-school misbehavior that you wouldn't expect from a 21st century cool kid like White. That's actually why it's so awesome; it's like the kid was channeling Keith Moon. The fact that his flight attempt was thwarted by some rando is just the drunken maraschino cherry on this delicious mlange of minor criminality. The only thing that could have made this better is if he actually tried to get away on a skateboard preferably by clinging to the bumper of a passing car a la Marty McFly.

If there's an Olympic event in committing misdemeanors, Shaun White just won the gold.

A hardcore fan

For a lot of famous folks, sporting events are little more than an opportunity to see and be seen. They show up late, leave early and generally do the bare minimum to look like a real fan. Then you've got people like Jack Nicholson, Spike Lee and Dyan Cannon legitimately hardcore sports fans that root for their teams for no reason other than a love of sport.

Eric Stonestreet apparently falls into the latter category.

Stonestreet, one of the stars of 'Modern Family,' found himself in a heated confrontation at a recent baseball game between the Dodgers and Cardinals. It all started when a St. Louis fan started heckling Dodger slugger Matt Kemp. Kemp just rolled his eyes and laughed it off.

However, Stonestreet, who was sitting near the heckler in question, wasn't about to let it go, shouting 'Matt Kemp should have come over and punched you in the face!' The fan claims that Stonestreet then approached a security guard and said something like 'Somebody needs to kick this guy's ass.' The shouting match continued with insults flying; at one point, a friend of the fan snapped at Stonestreet, 'Well you're a fatass!' At that point, Stonestreet decided to get up close and personal with his new friends and the exchange grew heated.

Security quickly broke up the fracas and escorted all of the involved parties up to the main concourse at which point the fan claims Stonestreet went full-on 'Don't you know who I am?' At the end of the day, Stonestreet returned to his seat while the heckling fan and his buddy were asked to leave.

I love everything about this.

Full disclosure: I admire the fact that Mr. Stonestreet stood up for his team. Passionate fandom is awesome. However, it was perhaps handled indelicately. Telling the heckler that Kemp should kick his ass is a perfect response, but that's when it should have stopped. Asking security to kick the guy's ass? Not a great move. Neither was getting back into it with the guy. I mean, come on the fat joke is the one that crosses the line? At least make the asshat work for it.

And don't even get me started on the 'Don't you know who I am?' crap. Weak sauce, dude; you're cleverer than that.

Go Dodgers!

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