Language is hard. Just take a gander at the internet. You know that English isn't mastered overnight. Or ever. 

Though my kids are progressing steadily into the realm of nouns, verbs and pointing (lots of pointing), there is still a large gap between what they want and what they can say. And even what they say and what they actually mean are a little, shall we say, disparate.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 16:11

New habits die hard

Things get surreal when you're pregnant. I can hardly even remember it, and I have an even harder time wrapping my head around the craziness of it all. And though my pregnancy was a doozy as far as high-risk goes, it all ended well.

Things change in weird ways. I learned about gestational diabetes (managed to skirt by it) and how there is a vein that runs down the right side of your body, so you should sleep on your left to help blood flow. Weird and yet cool stuff.

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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 15:00

Fair weather moms

When your kids are doing something well, you want to take credit for it. Clearly, they are eating well because of my phenomenal parenting capability. Anyone who has a finicky eater must be doing something wrong, because look, they eat what I give them. Until they don't.

Two out of my three kids are awesome eaters. They are offered the same food in the same way, but one of my daughters will literally turn her nose up at some foods these days. Just weeks ago she was eating like a champion, but now she's too good for mashed potatoes and peas.

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