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Winging It (01-27-2016)

Area restaurants chime in on classic Super Bowl staple

For many, the Super Bowl is a big deal (though it may be less of a big deal now that the Pats are out). But for some (present company included), the biggest Football event of the season is less about the game and more about food and the commercials.

One food stands out above the rest as a Super Bowl staple and that is chicken wings bone-in or boneless (also known as chicken tenders), typically fried and smothered in various sauces to become something greater than a simple piece of chicken. It becomes the centerpiece of an American event.

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Thursday, 01 August 2013 11:50

Levant teen meets Dysart's celebrities

HERMON - A 13-year-old Levant girl is having quite a memorable summer traveling, swimming and camping. But this month Aleah Dean's summer break got even better when she ran into a pair of local YouTube celebrities at Dysart's in Hermon. The young teen spotted none other than Jack and Sonja Palmer, the elderly couple whose commercial outtakes for the popular area truck stop are an internet sensation. 

"We went over to meet them and my dad showed them they had over 1 million views on YouTube on his iPhone," said Aleah Dean. "I think they were shocked."

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 15:37

Dysart's makes its national debut

The Travel Channel films a show at the Hermon truck stop

HERMON - Locals all know how tasty the food is at Dysart's truck stop in Hermon, and soon so will the whole country. Last Tuesday, the Travel Channel spent the day filming the restaurant's staff, customers and the creation of the restaurant's pot roast, lobster rolls and blueberry pie for an episode of 'Food Paradise,' a show that zeros in on some of the best eats around the country.

"I've seen bits and pieces of the show," said customer Kristi Buchanan of Hampden.

Buchanan's boyfriend, Dysart's chef Shaun Yazbeck, has been looking forward to the Travel Channel stopping in.

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