Wednesday, 05 September 2012 15:37

Dust': an Elysian tail

(Because the main character has a tail, see?)

'Dust' is a fluid little action game with a bunch of RPG nonsense hanging off of it and an aesthetic that is mostly almost-embarrassing. The characters are cartoonified anthropomorphic animals of a vague fanart-quality that I'm not really qualified to judge - though I can't imagine anyone is going to see the villain's stupid talking head portrait and not mash A to get it to go away - and every time one of them starts babbling you'll be glad that you're all alone. At least the characters are characters, I guess. And once you get past them the game doesn't look too offensive, as long as it keeps moving.

Moving! Yes. You can walk around and jump and slice stuff. Slicing is kind of nice. You can keep attacking in the air, and every time you do you kind of hang there for a second. You know what I mean. Pressing the Y button makes Dust freak out and start spinning his sword like his arm is a machine that spins things very well, and if you do it in the air you start cycloning forward. This is the 'Ocarina of Time' roll of 'Dust' - it's more fun than walking and after a few hours you've convinced yourself that it might not be slower. It's probably more fun that running, too, though I can't be sure since you can't run in this game.

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