Tuesday, 29 September 2015 21:40

The rise of e-sports

Professionally playing competitive video games is nothing new, but it seems like they are about to get their time in the limelight. The spike in popularity is led by games such as 'Dota 2' and 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.'

Recently, Turner Broadcasting has announced that it will be bringing its own 'Counter-Strike' league to TBS in 2016. This has the potential to gauge the public's interest in e-sports in general and lead to more games being broadcast. 'Counter-Strike' is a great pick for their first venture into e-sports because, compared to other games such as 'League of Legends' or 'Starcraft,' the audience can follow and understand the game relatively quickly. However, anyone who sticks around will quickly find there is a lot of depth to explore.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 21:39

Paddy Murphy's is under attack

BANGOR - On Wednesday nights at 8, an invasion is launched on the second floor of Paddy Murphy's. Attack on Paddy's is a weekly event hosted by The Maine Fighting Gamer's Alliance. The event features brackets for both 'Street Fighter IV' and 'Super Smash Brothers.' Entering the brackets is $5; there is no cover charge for those who just want to watch.

Wednesday the 24th marked only the second of the weekly events, so the creators of the event are still open to feedback and change. You wouldn't have guessed it was only the second week of the event, though. The upstairs of Paddy's was packed almost from wall to wall with gamers of all types. Some were there to win and some were there to watch. People were yelling and cheering, the beer flowed and the competitors showed the difference between casual and competitive play.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015 22:44

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

MGSV:The Phantom Pain follows the story of Big Boss (aka Snake) as he sneaks, shoots and stabs his way through an open world Afghanistan and Angola during the Cold War. The story isnot front and center throughout the entire game. When the game does decide to hit major story beats, they are very entertaining and the story it tells is fantastic. It is full of twists and turns so the less I say about it the better. The biggest disappointment is how much of the story is hidden away on audio logs you find throughout the game. Even without listening to all the tapes the game still tells a surprisingly thoughtful tale that touches on everything from child soldiers to the power of language.

If the approach to story is unexpected, then the gameplay itself is the biggest surprise. Snake has an ever growing number of tools, weapons and gadgets at his disposal. The amount of ways you can approach any given mission is staggering. Whether you want to slowly inch across through the grass interrogating enemies before knocking them out or charge straight through the middle shooting rockets from horseback you are covered. I tended to play on the stealthier side of things but it was a relief that when that went wrong I could still shoot my way out rather than just fail the mission. The enemies are unpredictable and constantly communicate with each other meaning one enemy spotting you can cause the whole region to go on alert. Luckily, when you are first spotted the game goes into slow motion to give you a chance to take out the enemy that saw you. It sounds like this mechanic would make the game too easy, but it is well balanced.

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