Wednesday, 30 March 2022 12:09

Blockchain Bigfoot

ST. POMME DE TERRE – Things are once again getting interesting in the isolated hamlet of St. Pomme de Terre, courtesy of the town’s most famous resident.

That’s right – Bigfoot is back in the news.

The hirsute entrepreneur is shifting the focus of his business empire. While the gains made in the outerwear space remain robust – YetiFoot-Grayman’s footwear sales continue to dominate the marketplace – Bigfoot has found himself stagnating. Success is wonderful and all, but giant man-apes aren’t usually inclined to rest on their laurels.

Bigfoot sought to extend himself into a nontraditional space, to tackle an industry ripe for the kind of disruption that only a mythical seven-foot-tall beast can bring to the table.


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