As the end of the year approaches, you may be creating your 2018 marketing plan or even polishing up a final version to share with your employees. Whatever the case, using data from reliable marketing sources to create and/or refine your plan will ensure that you’re using the right platforms and methods to reach your target audience. Content marketing is one method to consider as you form your plan. Content marketing involves creating sharable content that doesn’t explicitly promote or sell a product, but promotes interest in a product or brand. Using content marketing in your marketing plan will help you provide customers with useful resources that position you as a reliable source of information when it comes to information about the product or service you provide.

Because content marketing is a useful marketing method, we visited Hubspot’s website to see what their research had to say about content marketing as we enter 2018. Here are five content marketing statistics to consider: 

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When it comes to marketing strategy, there are multiple ways to present your business to the public. One of those ways is through content marketing.

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Communication is key in marketing in fact, inadequate content can be a great flaw in an otherwise solid campaign. Today's market world is driven by a wide variety of customer interests, backgrounds and needs, and every piece of content you produce be it a social media post, blog or white paper is a reflection of your brand. With that in mind, it's important to dispel a few common misconceptions about content creation. 

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In years past (not to date myself), marketers were often able to reuse the same marketing content over and over for a year or two. A set of great case studies would serve your sales team for a few years. Even during my MBA program, we learned from case studies that were five years old and still relevant to the topics being covered in class. However, those days are long gone. Today, marketers struggle to create strong, relevant and current content. I would even venture a guess that content creation is one of the biggest challenges we face nowadays as marketing professionals.

Most organizations have some sort of email newsletter, blog, or social media presence. However, the majority lack the most important ingredient: relevancy. I often subscribe to peer-written newsletters and blogs looking to learn from them, only to find myself unsubscribing within a month or two. A disappointing majority of the sources I encounter lack both expertise and relevant content, which in turn can be detrimental to their brands.

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There is a belief in the business world that if you give too much information to potential customers, they will not have a reason to inquire about your products or services, which in turn might lead to a decrease in sales.

Another fear some organizations have is in regard to delegating content marketing to a third party. They feel that their content needs to be on-topic and written by an expert in the field. However, because content writing is time consuming for their staff, new marketing content is rarely produced.

In reality, a good content writer can write about nearly any topic. In my career as a marketer, I have often been amazed by the quality of content that gifted writers can produce in fairly short notice. Skilled writers are capable of doing the necessary research and writing with a fresh and engaging perspective, leaving out the jargon and technical acronyms frequently used by people highly immersed in a specific topic.

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