Wednesday, 11 July 2012 13:14

Boy did I screw up!

I received more emails on this topic than any other column since my debut in The Maine Edge. Everyone and their mother asked me why I didn't include the Coney dog. Even the eminent Dr. Mazzei of Bangor, for whom I have great admiration, spoke to me like my father would have. With a laugh and a hearty reminder, he bellowed, "Where's the Detroit dog, Jim ?" It was funny because his assistant, "Cutty" - another great friend - told me he tried to get in my room before the doctor to forewarn me but he couldn't make it. Well I heard you, Dr. Mazzei, loud and clear along with everyone else. Can I tell a little about it first though?

Let me explain the difference between the Coney and Detroit dogs to begin with. While Coney Island may be the birthplace of the hot dog, it is not the origination of the Coney dog, which uses a special type of beef and pork hot dog in a natural casing. The 'chili' originally was a mixture of beef hearts, cinnamon, nutmeg, bacon and olives - with no beans.

Published in The Cooking Edge


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