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Back to school – ‘I Used to Go Here’

As often stated by noted podcast judge and raconteur John Hodgman, nostalgia is a toxic impulse. We’re all guilty of it, the tendency to look back upon our pasts with rose-colored glasses when the present isn’t living up to our expectations. It serves as both distraction and excuse.

And when the opportunity arises for a more direct return, it can go terribly wrong.

So it is with “I Used to Go Here,” a new comedy written and directed by Kris Rey. Starring Gillian Jacobs, it’s a clever, cringe-y look at how the past is rarely as neat as we remember it to be, a chance for one woman to lose herself in a time of wide-eyed optimism about the future and briefly forget about the harsh truths of the now.

It’s also a movie about what it means to fail – in a job or a relationship or any endeavor really – and to come to terms with that failure, as well as a bit of a meditation on the complexity that comes with making a career out of creativity. It is heartfelt and smart and quite funny, and while it does misfire a couple of times, the pros far outstrip the cons.

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MACHIAS - The University of Maine at Machias and the University of Maine at Fort Kent are piloting a new, online Early College partnership. The two campuses will now collaborate to expand the number of course choices for Early College students throughout the State of Maine.

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ORONOTwo student organizations at the University of Maine have joined forces to organize the inaugural Black Bear Leadership Summit, designed to help current students develop the skills and perspectives needed to be successful leaders on campus and later in life.

The event, to be held Friday, Feb. 26 at UMaine's Wells Conference Center, will feature workshops and presentations related to group dynamics, professionalism and the value of networking and peer engagement. Organizers Co-chairs Kathy Hill and Sam Borer anticipate about 200 students to attend.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 13:59

Who needs a vacation?

Many college students use the time between the fall and spring semesters to catch up on relaxation or just spend time doing leisurely activities without worrying about assignments or tests. But then there are other students who for one reason or another decide to take winter courses, which at Husson University are offered online.

Professor Cornel Plebani teaches criminal justice at Husson University and is teaching criminology over the winter term online. He doesn't see as much of a difference between the physical classroom and the cyber classroom.

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Thursday, 27 December 2012 19:13

Why did I take this class?

Everyone has had it happen. When planning out courses for the upcoming semester there are always those classes that are taken for the mere purpose of the credits. Most of the time the classes chosen are assumed to be the "easy classes." Sometimes students get lucky and that class that they took just for the credits is in fact an easy course, but other times students end up with a larger workload than expected.

Courtney Ohara, New England School of Communications junior, has always felt that she was informed on picking out her courses.

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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 21:50

Doing dorm bedding right

As our oldest child heads to his new adventure at college, it's been a busy summer planning for all of the things he'll need when he gets there. From books and a meal plan to even his new laptop, we've tried to think of all the things today's college student has to have.

And then there's the college dorm room.

For college students, the dorm room is their home away from home and it's important to furnish and decorate it comfortably and inexpensively. And most colleges provide twin-sized beds; however, many use extra long mattresses to accommodate taller individuals. Buying the correct bedding can make all the difference, as the bed takes up the majority of both physical and visual space in the dorm room.

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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 16:59

Getting ready for college

Got a student getting ready for college? That new life will bring many new experiences from exciting and wonderful to the bittersweet. Tackling money solo, may also be a new challenge. But as a parent, helping your voting-age scholar become financially independent can add awesomeness' to the many life lessons of your college student. 

We have discussed the yummy world of budgets before. Budgets are the go-to tool for helping us track and control our money lives. They boil down to two simple truths: money which comes IN through passive (like rental property) or active (money earned from a job) income. And money that goes OUT- paying bills, or cash set-aside in savings. In your student's transition into adulthood getting on a great money track early can build a great foundation that lasts for life.

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