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‘Cinderella’ a musical misfire

Every time we see another remake/reboot/reimagining of a classic tale, it begs the question: is this necessary?

Look, I’m not naïve – I recognize the nature of the business, with the familiarity of IP ruling the day. Even so, you have to wonder whether what we’re getting is something that people actually want to watch. Are people clamoring to see some vague variation on a story they’ve seen a thousand times before?

The folks behind the new “Cinderella” – currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video – seem to think so. As to whether they’re right, well … I have my doubts.

This new version of the classic fairy tale is directed and adapted for the screen by Kay Cannon, best known as the writer of all three films in the “Pitch Perfect” series. Basically, it’s the story you know with a few feints at feminine empowerment and a whole bunch of pop songs that have been put through the musical theatre wringer. It’s OK for what it is, but the truth is that it’s basically a mediocre jukebox musical and not much else.

This is a story that feels polished to within an inch of its life, to where there’s almost nothing there, all style and no substance, despite its best efforts to have you believe otherwise. It’s like a gift, gloriously sparkly and beribboned, festooned with all manner of decorative accents, but when you open the box … there’s nothing inside.

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Thursday, 03 October 2013 18:14

Cinderella: A New Telling of an Old Tale'

Single tickets go on sale Oct. 1

BANGOR - Penobscot Theatre Company is pleased to announce the cast and design team for its holiday production of 'Cinderella: A New Telling of an Old Tale' (Dec. 5 - 29). Tickets go on sale to the public Tuesday, Oct. 1 at noon.

'Cinderella: A New Telling of an Old Tale' is theater at its best, pairing age-old European traditions with the newer theatrical form of the American musical to create a show of timeless joy and the kind of fleeting thrill that only comes when a rare work of art captures an audience's head, heart and spirit.

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