If you had a chance to travel the world free of charge, would you do it? Caitlin and Kendra Devore of Acton, Maine are willing to try. The 22-year-old twin sisters are applying for The Amazing Race on CBS. This reality show, which is preparing for its 21st season, takes 11 two-person teams on a race around the world using all modes of transportation including planes, trains, rickshaws, cabs, boats, etc. The teams are tasked with various challenges along the way in order to receive clues to that day's particular designated pit stop. The last team to check in risks being eliminated, while the team that manages to reach the final destination first wins one million dollars.

"When Caitlin and I are together you never what we're going to say on camera," said Kendra Devore. "We're twins that look nothing alike and haven't lived together or seen each other in person for a while, so hopefully that will appeal to them [show's producers]."

The sisters have spent the last several years attending college in different states. Older sister Caitlin is the one who pushed for the pair to apply for the show. She's been a fan of the 'Amazing Race' since it first aired on CBS back in 2001.

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